Good news! There is no sinister plot to block Stranger readers from accessing our website via Amtrak's wi-fi services, according to Vickie Sheehan, a spokeswoman for WSDOT's rail office (which oversees Amtrak Cascades).

"It’s not us," she said when reached this morning by phone. "[The Stranger] is just caught up in the net. We’re working on a white listing service so that we can unblock them."

The real culprit, she says, is a poorly-performing internet blacklisting service prone to "rogue content-filtering." It's set up to block access to porn and large downloads so the server doesn't crash, but Sheehan said that "it kinda snags a bunch of things," and it's been accidentally blocking the Stranger and other sites for no apparent reason.

Sheehan says the problem should be resolved by mid-March. "We’re still working out the bugs," she exlains.

But to all of you who complained, great job. Your whiny prowess is staggering—Sheehan said that the majority of complaints about the wi-fi have been from angry Stranger readers, who have contacted them with complaints more than five times a week.

OKCupid came in second. (Awkward.)