Just woke up this morning to find the following message on the Mercer Island School District website:

All schools are closed for Wednesday, February 23 due to weather and the weather forecast. All programs, activities and building use canceled.

I've no idea what the road conditions are like there on the island at the moment, but Bellevue's not closed and Seattle's not closed, so unless there was some kind of freak snowstorm confined solely to the middle of Lake Washington last night, really Mercer Island School District? You're going to close the schools when the streets are bare, based on a forecast in a region that, when it comes to predicting snowfall, has a batting average somewhere to the south of Milton Bradley's?

Then again, you do have a lot of lawyers living in your district, so I guess you can never be too careful.

UPDATE: Apparently, Seattle and Bellevue still enjoy the leisure of a mid-winter break, so it wasn't a fair comparison. Still, I'll never get over how the mere whisper of snow seems to paralyze a region where three-quarters of the people seem to be driving four-wheel vehicles.