...for losing to the biggest losers of all time.

The California Institute of Technology men’s basketball team won a conference game Tuesday night for the first time since 1985, breaking a losing streak believed to have stretched to 310 games.

The team’s 46-45 home victory over Occidental, in the final game of the season, was the first Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference victory for Caltech since a 1-point win over La Verne more than 26 years ago, before any of the current players were born.

Goooooooo Tigers!

And what-the-fuck-ever, Caltech. You might have won a basketball game LITERALLY ONE TIME, but was your campus featured at the 0:20 mark of this Mr. Show sketch!?!?!? No, it wasn't. Quit cryin'. (Also Clueless AND 90210. Stuffed.)