Pope Ratzinger and the Catholic Church have been sued in international criminal court for "caus[ing] severe impairment to the mental and physical health of an unknown number of people in the meaning of Art." The charges include committing crimes against humanity, fomenting "Psycho-terror," and forcing infants to join the Church:

If, by way of massive psychological pressure, a new religious group were to force its members to integrate their newborn into the group, in order to finance the latter its whole life long and to orient itself in everything according to the directives of the group, it would be called a “sect.”

Also in the lawsuit, and in my opinion of a much stronger legal basis than psycho-terror: "The Murderous Forbiddance of Condoms," and the sexual crimes of Catholic priests worldwide and subsequent alleged coverups of those crimes. You can find the whole PDF here, and find the shoddily translated-from-German website of the lawyers here. You can find my opinion on the matter here.

(Thanks to Slog tipper Frank.)