March is Seattle month in NYC.

Besides John Osebold's Spidermann going head to head with the Broadway juggernaut Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark this March, we'll have a few Seattle performance ambassadors at the Guggenheim.

On Feb 27, choreographers Donald Byrd and Pam Tanowitz will show new dance set to the music of John Zorn. And on March 14, Ryan Mitchell of Stranger Geniuses Implied Violence will present... something... (it's always a surprise with those guys) with some of his fellow residents at Robert Wilson's Watermill Center.

Now, I realize it looks provincial and silly and hee-haw to write a post noting that some Seattle theater artists going to New York. HOWEVER! The conversation about inter-city theater and dance pipelines is heating up. People are talking about West Coast touring networks (like the way bands tour) and New York/Seattle/Chicago playwright exchanges.

(And it's about fucking time—some of the city's best theaters are touring houses, and there's no reason why shows like these shouldn't pack themselves into vans and hit the road.)

Anyway. I'm going to start noticing.


AJ Epstein of Ethereal Mutt Productions writes to say he's in NYC with Tania Katan, a performer reviewed in The Stranger many years ago.


Just saw your post on Slog and thought I should mention that Saving Tania's Privates opens TONIGHT in the East Village for a brief stint at the Frigid Festival.

In addition to Tania (from AZ, but part time Seattlite with all the work we've been doing on the show for the last few years), there's myself, Carys Kresny (director) Emily Reitman (stage manager) Liza Comtois (Dramaturg) all from Seattle making art in NY this week.

Thanks, AJ. Y'all break some legs tonight.