It's only February, and already there are 30 initiatives filed for this fall's ballot. Not all of them will get the required number of signatures, of course, but yeesh. Here, courtesy of a Democratic operative, is the run-down:

Tim Eyman: Eleven initiatives, four repeating I-1053 (the two-thirds majority requirement), two on $30 vehicle license fees, three restricting transportation revenue, one on ballot measures and one on liquor sales.

Tea Party: Five by Chris Ward, one by Cliff Greene, and give by James Vaughn. These are folks that file initiatives each year but do not file political committees or make any other attempts to actually qualify a measure. Issues range from "ceasing to fund higher ed freak shows" to prohibiting public services to undocumented immigrants.

Marijuana: Two initiatives led by two different political committees. Both have filed with the PDC, one has raised $6K.

Humane Society: Three initiatives on free range chickens. The Humane Society has filed a political committee, hired a campaign director, and has raised over $151K.

SEIU 775: Five initiatives on long-term care. No ballot titles yet.

Respect Washington: One initiative requires verification of citizen status for employment. This measure is attempted every year, but usually does not gather enough signatures to qualify.

I look forward to the great free range chicken debate of 2011!