Wisconsin Democrats Will Vote: House Dems reached an agreement to vote today on an anti-union bill that would take away public workers' collective bargaining rights.

While Walker Plots to Lure Senators Home: Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker attempted yesterday to explain his 20-minute phone conversation with a prank caller who was pretending to be Republican financier David Koch, during which Walker talked about ways to disrupt the protests against his budget bill and trick Senate Democrats back to the Capitol.

What Crackdown? Moammar Gaddafi's son denies that Libya has killed countless protesters via air strikes and other attacks (cities are on lock down; journalists are banned). Residents tell a different story: “You are trying to convince them you are a loyalist,” one resident said, “and the second they realize that you are not, you are done for.”

More Seattle School Drama: Seattle public school officials were warned about financial problems within its small business program two years ago, but seemingly brushed them aside. Meanwhile, Riya breaks down the skewed finances over here.

Drug-Dealing Drug Counselor Sentenced: A former Rainier Beach drug counselor convicted of dealing prescription painkillers—to adults, not students—receives a two-year prison sentence.

Please Return the Mayor's Bike: It was stolen from City Hall yesterday—and it was his wife's (sad trombone).

NASA: Completes its 52-year mission to find and kill God.

Julian Assange: Ordered extradited to Sweden to face rape allegations.

One Blink for 'Happy,' Two for 'Kill Me Now': A majority of people with locked-in syndrome—the disease that makes people incapable of moving or communicating, except with their eyes— are happy, according to a small French study.

Solar Projects on Sacred Sites: Native American groups have filed a lawsuit to block six solar-power facilities slated for the deserts of southern California, which they say will destroy ancient geoglyphs, burial sites and relics.