Murray: Silent, so far, on DOMA.
  • Murray: Silent, so far, on DOMA.
It's odd. When President Obama declared the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional yesterday, Washington Senator Maria Cantwell, who's up for election in 2012, quickly fired off a statement praising the president. It read, in part:

I applaud the President for taking this major step forward by calling for the extension of equal protection to every American citizen. I have always been—and I will continue to be—committed to supporting policies that protect the rights of all Americans regardless of sexual orientation, race, religion, gender, national origin, age, or disability. I will continue to oppose unjust legislation that targets specific groups or persons for unfair treatment.

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Conspicuously silent: Washington Senator Patty Murray, backer of DOMA in 1996, target of this Facebook campaign, not facing election until 2016, and keynote speaker tonight at an awards banquet put on but local gay leaders—many of whom think she owes the gay community a new position on DOMA.

Will she offer one tonight? I'll let you know.

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