Slog tipper Rod sent us this photo of a tree in Volunteer Park that has fallen over the brick amphitheater.


Rod's subject line says "Fallen Tree Damages Amphitheater at Volunteer Park." Which is too bad. That simple hunk of brick has seen lots of action—and it gives me an excuse to tell this story.

Back when I was doing interviews for "An Actor Postpones," an article about how actors kill time backstage, I heard a story about this amphitheater that wouldn't fit into the article:

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There's an actor (let's call him Philip) who has a reputation for enjoying all kinds of carnal pleasures. The man's no prude. One summer, Philip was in a production at this amphitheater and had to use the restroom (which has a reputation for carnal pleasures). He ducks in and immediately ducks back out again, pale and shaken. He won't tell his fellow actors exactly what he saw in there, but it was something that even he, the big old libertine, found shocking.

That's just one tiny story about that brick wall—I'm sure there are much better ones. But every time I pass it, I wonder what John Philip saw. If that old amphitheater could talk...

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