Hey, great news for President Obama! Right-wing anger over passage of the Affordable Care Act should soon be subsiding now that, according to a new poll conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation, only about "half of Americans (52 percent) accurately report that the ACA is still the law of the land."

Meanwhile, views on repeal continue to be very mixed: with four in ten backing repeal (but half of those hoping the law will be replaced with a Republican alternative), three in ten backing an expansion of the law, and two in ten hoping to see it implemented as is. And most Americans continue to report they want to keep many of the key provisions of the law. There is more agreement when it comes to the strategy of using the legislative budgeting process to stop implementation of the law: six in ten continue to oppose the idea.

Two quick takeaways from these polling numbers: 1) Despite Republican claims to the contrary, there is no overwhelming support for repealing health care reform; and 2) many Americans are stupid... which is, of course, what Republicans are counting on when they make those claims referenced in point number one.