(Patty) Murray Disses DOMA: She was for DOMA before she was against it, but finally, Sen. Patty Murray says "time to end" the Defense of Marriage Act.

Find Out How Seattle’s Westland Distillery Is Turning The World Of Whiskey Upside Down.
Get to know the world-renowned whiskey distillery in your own backyard.

Boeing Flying High: Local politicians jubilant over Boeing win in Air Force refueling tanker contract. Alabama politicians... not so much.

Oil Prices Soaring: Too bad we won't be able to fill all those spiffy new fuel tankers, now that oil has hit a three-year high of 147 Libyan dinars a barrel.

Ghaddafi Falling? Anti-Ghaddafi forces surround Tripoli, as pro-Ghaddafi forces strike back. It's like everybody's on drugs or something.

Sharia Law: Proposed legislation would make it open season on abortion providers in Nebraskghanistan.

Shameful Legislating: Wisconsin Assembly passes governor's union-busting budget bill by calling surprise vote.

President Trump? No really... President Trump?

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Drunk Driving: Former president of Gainsville, Florida chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving arrested for... oh, why bother finishing... this joke just writes itself.

But Is It Organic? London ice cream shop serves breast milk ice cream, inspiring new generation of Englishmen to explore careers in dairy farming.

This trumpkin is scary enough. Please vote.
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