The Seattle Times has just published its fourth editorial in a week about why we need to legalize marijuana. So begins the latest one—explaining why they're on a tear over pot—from editorial page editor Ryan Blethen:

It is rare we publish an editorial on a hot topic and receive near universal praise. But that is what happened last week when we came out in support of Washington state legalizing cannabis.

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I recommend reading the whole editorial. (Also, about time. Also also, it seems like just yesterday that the Seattle Times was opposing Seattle Initiative 75 as "a dopey idea" and "kind of lobbying." But, you know, hindsight and all that.)

There's more: At noon Thursday, Blethen will host an online discussion about House Bill 1550 to tax and regulate marijuana, a bill that the ed board is apparently excited about. So it looks like the drug czar is going to have a tough job selling his prohibition sanctimony next Friday.

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