Angry over receiving a red-light camera ticket in his native St. Louis, Jim Lembke chose to pay a $70 filing fee to take his case to court, rather than just paying the $100 fine.

“I presented a motion to dismiss, but the judge rejected, or overruled, and found me, I guess, guilty,” Lembke said.

Man, that's infuriating. Maybe Lembke should complain to his state senator. Oh wait... it turns out Lembke is his state senator.

State Sen. Jim Lembke, who is trying to ban red-light cameras, was found guilty this morning in St. Louis Municipal Court for violating that city’s red-light camera ordinance.

[...] A hearing was held Wednesday on his bill to ban the cameras. He did not mention his upcoming court appearance at that time and did not do so when he took part in a radio interview in St. Louis this morning while he was on his way to the courthouse.

No, of course he didn't mention it. I mean, I'm sure Lembke's red-light camera ticket and his bill to outlaw red-light cameras have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

Just like I'm sure Tim Eyman's spate of anti-red-light camera initiatives are just as selfless.