Mideast protest update: Tunisia's prime minister has resigned. The UN Security Council has voted to impose sanctions on Libya, and Obama calls for Ghadafi to officially step down. In Bahrain, opposition party leader Hassan Mushaima returned from exile yesterday.

Central Europe protest update: In Croatia, 15,000 protesters stormed the capitol in Zagreb, and 25 people were injured in altercations with police.

In New Zealand: The death toll from Tuesday's earthquake reaches 146, with 600 rescuers still working to locate and free 200 people still missing.

Today, in imposing our religious beliefs on others: Lawmakers in Virginia just passed a bill that would impose new cost-prohibitive regulations on abortion clinics, and will likely force 17 of the state's 21 clinics to close, according to NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia. It goes to the governor's desk on Monday.

Standing with Wisconsin demonstrators: Yesterday, rallies were held in all 50 states to show solidarity with state employees and labor bill protesters in Wisconsin.

Derailment only injures chemical-laden freight: Two freight trains sideswiped each other south of Tacoma last night. About 12 cars derailed, four of which were transporting sodium hydroxide. Hazardous waste management teams had to be dispatched, but no one was injured.

Panic! It might keep snowing.

Tonight: The Oscars. Banksy and Natalie Portman's awkward laugh are both invited.

And finally, here is some good dolphin news: In Florida, dolphins saved a drowning doberman. There is a video: