Lunchtime Quickie: Move Over Charlie Sheen, It's John Galliano's Turn...


Some reporter in the press room at the Oscars last night asked Natalie Portman about this after her win -- after also asking her why as the "face of Dior" she didn't wear Dior*.

Portman looked like her water had broke for about a second and then the off-camera controller of questions gave her a pass and they skipped ahead as if the moment had not happened at all.

* Not sure if these words are right. For a gay, I'm very fashion literate except when it comes to which Project Runway my friends and I may have fucked.**

** Yes, yes, I'm the kind of gay who has no idea about fashion but still watches the E! after Oscar coverage. I contain multitudes.

@1, yeah, she had a Dior dress by Galliano lined up but after Dior suspended him switched to the purple Rodarte (which I think suited her current figure very nicely). It had to come as a bombshell to her that Galliano was such a shit.

Nicole Kidman and Sharon Stone wore Dior anyway...
He looks exactly like a lot of Seattle hipsters.
Time for an intervention-in the unemployment line.
people say shit they don't mean when they're drunk:

Costello's standing in the U.S. was bruised for a time when in March 1979, during a drunken argument with Stephen Stills and Bonnie Bramlett in a Columbus, Ohio Holiday Inn bar, the singer referred to James Brown as a "jive-ass nigger", then upped the ante by pronouncing Ray Charles a "blind, ignorant, nigger".[13][14] Costello apologised at a New York City press conference a few days later, claiming that he had been drunk and had been attempting to be obnoxious in order to bring the conversation to a swift conclusion, not anticipating that Bramlett would bring his comments to the press. According to Costello, "it became necessary for me to outrage these people with about the most obnoxious and offensive remarks that I could muster."

@5 Alcohol only loosens inhibitions, which amplifies latent feelings and opinions... it can't create them out of thin air.
I have never said anything like that when drunk!! I think #6 is correct...
I was always a Gaultier man, myself.
@6: and everyone has those latent predjudices. everyone's a bigot about something or other; if its not ethnicity or religion, it's gun owners, gun grabbers, fat people, utilikilt wearers, fucking hipsters, steampunks, fixey riders, hedge fund managers, teabaggers...

@9: Oh, Max, come on! Okay, next time out drinking and I hear someone say, "God I hate fixie riders", I'll say, "Oh yeah? For me it's Jews. I think they should all be gassed!" -- and see if everyone agrees with you that it's the same thing.
@5, in Costello's defense, annoying the living crap out of Stephen Stills, one of the most repulsive humans who has ever strode the earth, is a perfectly honorable thing to attempt to do. His technique was bad but his aim was honorable.
Sometimes the who-can-be-the-sassiest-queen contest goes a little too far.
@10: that wasn't my point. my point is that alcohol + anger makes some people say shit they shouldn't, and wouldn't when sober, despite harboring common prejudices.

and, sure, it is different, but it really isn't entirely different - fixie riders get bashed as a group, based on fear, ignorance and stereotyping. just like the jews, teh gaez, and oppressed conservative white males.

see @11 & @12 for further explication.
"Fashion guru," my ass.

Also dude should remember that the Nazis gassed all the homos they could find too.

About that Costello remark- that was 1979. Tons of hate speech against EVERYONE- blacks, jews, gays, women-got a free pass which would cause the shit to hit the fan today. No way could Costello get away that easy if he did the same thing in 2011
wow a drunken faggot in a purple clown suit offended some one? say it isn't so! never heard of this douche bag before , but if what he was wearing is his idea of fashion well........tag , bag , and bury the fag . p.s. he's one fugly sumbitch !
Max makes a good point. Little silly to end someone's career over a drunken rant. It's not like he's actually a neo-Nazi.