The Academy Awards Happened: The King's Speech wins best picture, best actor, and best director, Natalie Portman wins best actress, Dave Schmader has hetero stirrings for Reese Witherspoon, and NPR declares Hathaway and Franco "pained and charmless."

Rioting Assholes: Jumping on any bandwagon excuse to cause damage and inflame tensions, anarchists destroy shit and encourage violence against police on the eve of John T Williams day.

Wisconsin Protesters: Still protesting (and not a rioting asshole in the bunch).

Happy Anniversary! Today marks the 10-year anniversary of the Nisqually earthquake. Celebrate with someone you love by taking a scenic tour of the Viaduct.

Medical Marijuana: The State Supreme Court is weighing in on whether being a card-carrying medical marijuana user is enough to keep you from getting fired for failing on-the-job drug testing.

Framed! As Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi declares his innocence while gearing up for four separate legal battles involving alleged tax fraud and alleged sex with an underage prostitute.

Double Framed! As the EU prepares to impose sanctions on Libya today, government officials blame twin boogeymen—Islamic extremists and westerners—for sparking civil war between Colonel Qaddafi loyalists and civilians who want him deposed.

Strangled Belltown Woman: SPD has arrested a suspect.

Breast Milk Ice Cream: I am not going to pay $22.50 for a scoop of something I could make myself with a cup of sugar and a goddamn straw.