The newly minted campaign to block the deep-bore tunnel, which I reported on this morning, says it will have enough money to pay a firm to gather the signatures it needs to get a referendum on the ballot.

Protect Seattle Now, which kicks off today, is formed by the merger of both anti-tunnel initiatives. Seattle Citizens Against the Tunnel (SCAT, which has already turned in signatures for its initiative) supports rebuilding the Alaskan Way Viaduct; Move Seattle Smarter wants a surface/transit option. But they both detest he tunnel plan.

Funding may come at least in part Lee Rabie, who has funded SCAT with $55,230 so far. SCAT director Elizabeth Campbell says, "We have talked to him" and "he is for anything that puts the project to a vote." She adds, "We have money and we are raising money."

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Campbell says that a paid signature-gathering firm will collect most of the 16,000 signatures required in 30 days, with the help of volunteers. The group will begin petitioning this morning outside the City Council Chambers, immediately after the council approves a contract on the deep-bore tunnel.

In the new coalition: Move Seattle Smarter Coalition, Seattle Citizens Against the Tunnel, Real Change, Sierra Club, People's Waterfront Coalition, Friends of Seattle, and Cyclistas. The board notably includes Cary Moon, director of the People's Waterfront Coalition, who has so far held back from the campaigns.

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