• Cowie
Seattle favorite Claire Cowie maps her process of painting in a large-scale, multi-panel, mixed-media work called Dead Reckoning, referring to a rudimentary nautical navigation by which current position is estimated solely based on previous position. It creates a multiplication of distortions as you go. At James Harris with Brazilian artist Efrain Almeida.

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  • Marshall
Plus a Walgreen's drugstore "super-aisle" by Vivian Girls musician Cassie Ramone at 619 Western, prints by the incomparable Kerry James Marshall and paintings by the incomparable Joseph Goldberg at Greg Kucera, James Cicatko's channelings of 18th-century head sculptor Franz Messerschmidt at Gallery4Culture, the towering delicacy of Elena del Rivero at Lawrimore Project, the utterly unnerving drawings of girls by Mugi Takei at Cullom Gallery, and the blood-tainted wood carvings of Pakistani artist Humaira Abid at ArtXChange.

I am truly excited to see each and every one of those. I promise you: There'll be something worth freezing for. See our absolutely, totally, full, with-descriptions-and-images First Thursday listings right here.