No? Okay, wanna see Mike and the wife wife 69ing each other? No? Maybe you wanna see Mike and the wife doing it doggy style? Pegging? Pissing on each other? Fist fucking? Whipping up a little santorum before church on Sunday?

Or how about Mike gently fingers the wife and then dabs her vaginal secretions on his own nipples before he leans down and places his nipples one at time in his wife's mouth so she can taste herself?

Wanna see that?

Look, Mike, I get it. You think gay people are icky and gay sex makes your eyes bug out. That's fine. I totally understand where you're coming from: cunnilingus gives me the willies and I'd rather see my own intestines wound onto a spool than see you fuck your wife. I don't wanna see what's going on in your bedroom—even if it's just sleep—anymore than you wanna see what's going on in mine.

But it's like this, Mike: people shouldn't be discriminated against because other people don't wanna see 'em fuck.

And answer the man's question: How does denying marriage rights to the same-sex couple down the street make the single mother up the street any more likely to marry the father of her children? How does discriminating against gay people make straight people more responsible? How does that work?