Seattle Times...

A Danish family captured by pirates in the Indian Ocean will suffer the same fate as four American sailors slain last week, if any rescue is attempt is made, a Somali pirate said Tuesday.

Abdullahi Mohamed told The Associated Press that he has ties with the gang holding the family - a Danish couple with three children, aged 12 to 16.

Just days before the hijacking, the family wrote on a travel blog that it was in daily contact with anti-piracy forces and had prepared a "piracy plan" in case of an attack.

Blog postings chronicling the family's round-the-world journey showed it entered the area well aware that the American yacht had been hijacked by pirates but comforted by the presence of counter-piracy forces.

Seattle Times on two of the four Americans who were shot and killed last week by Somali pirates:

Friends and family described Riggle and Macay as experienced sailors who'd sold many belongings in 2007 and set off to circumnavigate the globe.

"They did not let fear chart their life. They let themselves chart it and navigate it," said Lee Stenson, commodore of the Seattle Singles Yacht Club, where Riggle and Macay met. The two had dated, but more recently were friends.

Westerners, take note of what my African and much older side has to say on this matter: Fear is not just something you are supposed to overcome, or something holding you back, blocking the full expression of your divine individuality. Fear is often really there to help and guide you. Do not just fear fear itself; do not just eat up all of that new age, corporate culture garbage. Some dangers are real and external. Fear does more than drive the drama in reality TV shows.