On his MySpace page, accused killer Michael Fiorini wasnt at all shy about his own 2nd Amendment philosophy
  • Accused killer Michael Fiorini displayed the image above on his MySpace page, proudly proclaiming his own 2nd Amendment philosophy

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It wasn't exactly a shot in the dark when I predicted that yesterday's post on the idiot gun-owning family in Alabama would get the 2nd Amendment fundies all up in arms. Yet all I really did was point out that study after study shows that access to a firearm is the number one risk factor for being involved in a shooting.

Case in point, Michael Fiorini of Auburn, who King County prosecutors charged with murder yesterday, accusing him of the shooting death of his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend.

Prosecutors say Michael Fiorini, 26, broke into a Federal Way apartment on February 24, intending from the start to kill Christopher Johnson, the new boyfriend of Fiorini's ex. They say Fiorini had gotten drunk, called his ex 12 times, came over with a loaded pistol and extra ammo, and broke a sliding-glass door to get in.

Here's a guy whose MySpace page (thanks Google cache!) shows an angry young man with some serious issues regarding his attitude towards women—who proudly (and prophetically) displays an image with the motto "Guns Don't Kill People; I Kill People"—and who according to the police report (PDF) allegedly has a history of domestic violence. Just the kinda guy you want getting drunk and coming on over with a loaded pistol, right?

On his MySpace page, accused killer Michael Fiorini cogently explains why he hates women.

Yet according to the police report, when Fiorini's father saw that his son was agitated and intoxicated, and heard him say about his ex's new boyfriend that he was going to "kill that son-of-a-bitch," he just sat back and watched his son walk out of the house with a loaded pistol because, why? Because it's every American's constitutional right to carry a firearm, even when drunk, angry and threatening to kill your ex's boyfriend?

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So here's my question to all of you doubters who question whether easy access to a firearm has any connection whatsoever to its tragic use: had Fiorini's father, upon seeing his allegedly angry, drunken, murder-threatening son walk out of the house with a loaded pistol, attempted to either take the gun away or call 911—or, heaven forfend, had an arguably unstable man like Fiorini been denied access to a handgun altogether—might this tragedy have been avoided? Might the victim still be alive, and might Fiorini not be facing the next 38 years in jail, if not for, you know, the gun?

Argue all you want that if you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have them. But given the details reported, I'm betting even Fiorini regrets his decision to purchase a gun.