Are you a teenage Slog reader from Texas? If so, you could win a free trip to the "Ronald Reagan-Close Up Youth Conference" in Washington, D.C. on the week of June 19th! I know! All you have to do is write "a 100-word essay that describes how Ronald Reagan and his principles influence your perspective of government and leadership in America." I even wrote the essay for you! Just cut and paste:

Ronald Reagan was the greatest American president. He sliced the deficit, he lowered taxes for every American, and he proved that even without huge social programs, Americans still care for the least of their people and for citizens who are ill. The market will provide! We should be looking to Ronald Reagan to see what he would have done in Wisconsin; naturally, he would have crushed the unions. I plan to conduct my life the way Reagan lived his: Honestly, with dignity, supporting family values like traditional marriage and responsibility as custodians of God's earth.

Let me know how the conference goes!