Many thanks to Slog-tipper Kati for the nightmares I'll be having tonight. She says it best in her email: "What do you call being terrified, interested and sort of craving seafood at the same time? Because that's how these creatures make me feel."


An international team of paleontologists may have found the evolutionary key to the most diverse species on earth - in the form of a walking, sea-dwelling, armoured ‘cactus’.

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The study, published in Nature, documents the discovery of an unusual worm-like creature from Cambrian-era China. The fossil suggests the species to have developed robust, hardened legs before the acquisition of an armoured torso, raising questions about the evolution of arthropods in general, from scorpions to wasps to butterflies.

You MUST check out the illustrations here, which tipper Kati points out look like Delia Deetz's sculpture in Beetlejuice. I couldn't agree more.

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