I posed this question yesterday to Ryan Blethen, the editorial page editor for the Seattle Times, and he said the paper doesn't intend to stream its editorial meeting with Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske. But hey—why not go for it? They posted video of their editorial meeting with Senatorial candidates Dino Rossi and Patty Murray. We already knew what they'd say, more or less. But this is something unique. Let's get a glimpse into what sort of bullshit rhetoric Kerlioske deploys trying to get the Seattle Times to back off it's pro-legalization editorials. Or, uh... let me put this in terms that may resonate with the Seattle Times: Show us how our tax money is being wasted to defend the bloated federal government's drug war.

The Marijuana Policy Project is running a petition asking the Seattle Times to live-stream the meeting. Sign it here.