A reader writes (sic throughout):

I am new to Seattle and Cap Hill and am wondering- do you faggots have nicknames for your "Gay Mafia" like the real Mafia does? I mean, is there like a "Timmy the Cocksucker" and Freddie the Pedo-Lester? How about AIDS ASs Bobby or Gaping Rectum Ronny??

Listen to me you fuck- when I talked to my real estate agent abotut my condo, they didn't say nothing about all these faggots up here and I guess you have to "play the game" and you fucks have your own AIDS infected hell holes like that fucking place by te six Arms where all you can smell is cum in the streets. This is a public health Violation! I am already contacting a lawyer and its one thing to be gay, nobofy gives a FUCK what you fucking faggots do in your PRIVACY OF OWN HOME WITH DOORS LOCKED AND WINDOWS DRAWN but in the streets it is againt the LAW! I hapen to know people who will be hearing about this, not including you you fucking dooooooosh bag. Eat sit and die motherfucker, I hope you all get the AIDS!!!!

Anyone who'd care to answer the letter-writer's question about gay mafia monikers or anything else may reach him at ma.pistonejr@gmail.com.