Righty blogs are making noise about all those violent leftist goons in Wisconsin, citing an incident in which dozens of protesters chased Republican state Sen. Glenn Grothman around the Capitol, yelling "Shame!" as he searched for an unlocked entrance.

Eventually the crowd, by then numbering close to 200, cornered him in front of the closed West Washington entrance, and Rep. Brett Hulsey, D-Madison, came to the rescue with a bullhorn.

Or "kind of" came to the rescue, Grothman said when contacted at his home in West Bend later that night. Grothman says Hulsey did help him escape the crowd but he was never that worried. "I really think if I had had to, I could have walked through the crowd and it would have been okay," he said. "They're loud, they'll give you the finger, and they yell at you, but I really think deep down inside they're just mostly college kids having fun, just like they're having fun sleeping with their girfriends on air mattresses. That's the guts of that crowd."

First of all, with or without your girlfriend, it is neither fun nor gutless to sleep outside on air mattresses (which is where the protesters have been sleeping since they were locked out of the Capitol on Sunday) when the thermometer falls below 20 degrees, as it did last night in Madison. But if I understand Sen. Grothman correctly, what he's really implying is that he never felt threatened because this crowd doesn't have "the guts" to give him the beating he's clearly asking for.

Grothman went on to crow to Todd Starnes of FOX News Radio that, "I'm not afraid of a bunch of 20-something liberals..." because, I guess, they're a bunch of pussies for not resorting to the kind of mob violence I suppose Grothman would expect from the more manly ranks of his own Tea Party crowd... the kind of threat of physical force that is the only thing that schoolyard bullies like Grothman seem to understand or respect.