Find Out How Seattle’s Westland Distillery Is Turning The World Of Whiskey Upside Down.
Get to know the world-renowned whiskey distillery in your own backyard.

Judgment Gay: Fag-enthralled Westboro Baptist can picket outside funerals, says the US Supreme Court. And students in Illinois can wear “Be Happy, Not Gay” T-shirts, according to a ruling Tuesday by the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Yes, of Course, Just Turn It Off: Forty-six percent of Americans believe we'd all be better off—things would be just fucking swell—if the government shut down because then, finally, pesky government would stop racking up debt.

In a Not Particularly Surprising Follow-Up: Most Americans confused by budget.

They Can't Carry a Gun: An experiment across the country lets volunteers work at financially strapped police departments to "perform a broad—and occasionally dangerous—array of investigative duties like collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses, searching for missing persons and stolen vehicles, and looking into long-dormant cases."

The Next iPad: Let's all speculate about what it will be be/do. Will it be thinner, smaller, bigger, square-er? Will it have one or two cameras?

Not Paying Their Fair Share: "Corporate tax revenues are now at historical lows as a share of the economy (see graph), at a time when the nation faces deficits and debt that are expected to grow to unsustainable levels."

Super Sorry, You Guys: NATO and US Gen. David Petraeus apologize for killing nine Afghan boys, saying the gunfire resulted from a miscommunication with helicopters.

Japan's Mobile Phone Makers: Left behind in the global market dust, they hope Google's Android will save them.


School Politics Become Comprehensible, Interesting: School board appears ready to fire Superintendent Maria Goodloe-Johnson and CFO Don Kennedy today for mismanaging $1.8 million.

Urban League Gets Defensive About School Scandal: "Acting CEO of the Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle Tony Benjamin... addresses the recent untrue allegations that the Urban League might not have lived up to their obligations in a $235,000 contract signed in 2005 with the Seattle School District," the group writes in a press release sent out last night. They will hold a press conference at 10:30 a.m. The Seattle Times has the group's performance evaluation.

Walk Out or Washout? The way UW students protest higher-education funding cuts.

Social Media for City Workers: The recommended policy stymies honest discussion.

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Green Values: Seattle's port CEO who's lobbied against environmental reforms, Tay Yoshitani, gets a nine percent raise.

At "Swerve Driving School": Instructor charged with molestation after he allegedly "touched or squeezed the thighs of three boys, touched the genitals of a fourth boy and rubbed the stomach of a fifth boy who was parallel parking." Ugh.

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