You wonder why people in poor countries have such a low opinion of Westerners? And why they see all of this preaching about the greatness of European democracy as total crap? All you need to do is ask the question: Who, by the way, armed the madman of Libya? Why is he able to kill lots people and basically say crazy things with no fear of punishment? Western, democratic, liberal countries armed the motherfucker.

The EU arms sales to Libya statistics, collected by the European Union, are not exactly public knowledge.

We only know about them because of some excellent work by Dan O'Huiggin, who found the complete breakdown of EU military exports in some distant corner of the Europa website and published a breakdown of 2009, the latest year available.

Italy, UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain. Fuck! Who is crazier, the madman or the the man who gives a madman a gun?