UPDATE: This was first posted yesterday and has been updated with the responses from Senators Sharon Nelson (D-34) and Scott White (D-46), who are now among the lawmakers who officially support marijuana legalization. Good on ya, Nelson and White.

We've been asking every member of Seattle's legislative delegation where they stand on legalizing pot. As of this afternoon, most of them say yes to legalizing, taxing, regulating marijuana—and here they are:

34th District: Senator Sharon Nelson, and Representatives Eileen Cody and Joe Fitzgibbon
36th District: Senator Jeanne Kohl Welles, and Representative Reuven Carlyle and Mary Lou Dickerson (who is the sponsor of bill to tax and regulate)
37th District: Senator Adam Kline and Representative Eric Pettigrew
43rd District: Senator Ed Murray and Representative Jamie Pedersen
46th District: Senator Scott White and Representative Phylis Kenney

But who haven't we heard back from?* Here are the two lawmakers who haven't replied to the pot question:

Representative Sharon Tomiko Santos (D-37)
House Speaker Frank Chopp (D-43)

Do Chopp and Tomiko Santos think an illegal market should continue control the cultivation, sales, and trafficking of pot—or do they want to change it? Because we only have two options: an illegal market or a regulated one.

Olympia can be a scary place for Seattle lawmakers to stand up for their weed-tokin', pole-smokin' progressive districts. So, if you're grateful that your lawmaker/s are showing some guts on this issue, thank them in an email. As I mentioned earlier, only one Seattle lawmaker has come out against legalization—freshman 46th District Rep. David Frockt says he's in favor of "minimal penalties"—but hopefully he'll come around. So if you live in the northeast Seattle, send Frockt an email and ask him to get with the program.

* Lawmakers in the 11th District aren't included because their mostly suburban district includes only a tiny slice of Seattle's residential areas.