Right now there are two bills up for a vote in the state legislature that can save 4Culture—the best public art agency we've got in King County—from certain death. And they have to pass.

The better one is SHB (state house bill) 1997. Please use with fondness this mnemonic device: R. Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly" was a major hit of 1997.

SHB 1997 has just today been moved to the Senate Ways and Means committee, where it's said to have more support—but for the love of god, your ongoing expressions of support are still needed.

1. Call or email your senator. It's very easy, and it does make a difference.

2. Attend a town hall meeting to support the bill at 2 pm this Saturday with Frank Chopp and Ed Murray, in Capitol Hill. Details are here.

If that meeting doesn't work for you, check Advocate4Culture to find out where others will be as they're announced.


I believe 4Culture can fly. Oh yes, I did.