Keith Ervin's got the scoop in the Seattle Times about Bellevue City Councilmember Kevin Wallace's apparent conflict of interest over the routing of light rail through Bellevue.

While prodding the Bellevue City Council last fall to study possible use of an abandoned rail corridor for a Sound Transit light-rail line, Councilmember Kevin Wallace was negotiating an extensive business relationship with a short-line railroad that wants to run trains on the same route.

He and his father, Bob Wallace, signed a nonbinding agreement in December to invest in GNP Railway and help raise $30 million for expansion.

[...] The Wallaces signed the GNP agreement the same week Kevin Wallace explained in a Seattle Times guest-opinion column why it made sense for the City Council to spend $670,000 to study whether Sound Transit should put its light-rail trains on the old freight corridor.

Well, it's kind of a scoop, in that I believe Ervin is the first to report on Wallace's agreement with GNP, but PubliCola has been reporting on Wallace's extensive property holdings along the line for quite some time. But whether this is an actual conflict of interest in a legal sense, well, that's hard to discern. A quick search of Bellevue's Ethics & Elections Commission reveals that there is no Bellevue Ethics & Elections Commission. In fact, what ethics code Bellevue does have, doesn't apply to city councilmembers at all.

So I guess you might as well call Wallace's stunning lack of disclosure "the Bellevue Way."