Don't tell Joni Balter yet, but the latest reports from Protect Seattle Now show that—egads!—more people are contributing to the campaign to put the deep-bore tunnel on the ballot. No doubt, Balter will once again point out that this batch of contributors, like the last eeeevil batch of contributors, are "not grassroots average citizens."

What sort of elite, lockstep, anti-tunnel drones are writing checks now? Among the names is Jack Bolton, an engineer for the Washington State Department of Transportation (the same department that's, you know, engineering the tunnel). Other non-average citizens who donated include a lawyer, a Microsoft director, a UW physician, and others. Clearly it's an anti-democratic conspiracy!

Are you a "not average grassroots citizen"? And by that, I mean do you hate Real America (and in turn hate the deep-bore tunnel)? If so, you can help put the tunnel on the ballot—let Seattle voters decide if this expensive, inefficient project makes sense—by following this link and making a PayPal contribution to Protect Seattle Now:

donate now

Warning: Donating may upset Joni Balter.

UPDATE: Protect Seattle Now reports that an anonymous donor has agreed to match all contributions made before Sunday, up to $5,000.