You can always count on Gov. Scott Walker Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald of Wisconsin to keep it classy. A couple hours after Gov. Walker delivered a budget that would cut thousands of jobs, decimate funding for the arts, education, and the environment, and strip public employees of their right to organize, he and some his fellow Republicans go out to celebrate over a steak dinner, where he's Fitzgerald is caught on tape describing the Capitol protesters as such:

These Goddamn goofy-haired [unintelligible]… these long-haired goof fuckers are just roamin’ the building.

You know, I look at the crowds of pro-labor protesters camped out at the Wisconsin Capitol, and they don't look all that different from the teabaggers on the other side, except much, much greater in number. But Gov. Walker Fitzgerald looks at them, and all he sees are a bunch of goddamn long-haired goof fuckers. Whatever the fuck that's supposed to mean.

UPDATE: Okay... okay... I misread the post I was linking to. It was Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald who made the remarks, not Gov. Scott Walker. I got the two Republican assholes named "Scott" confused. But it doesn't change the point.