Now THAT'S how you fucking lip synch for your life.

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MANILA LUZON: Prior to this week's episode, I couldn't care less about her. But dear God, her "Macarthur Park" lip-synch was ferocious. It was literally the best lipsynch-for-your-life I've ever seen, and I guess I love her now.

HOWEVER: There can be no doubt that Manila has probably performed "Macarthur Park" before (maybe this was covered in Untucked?) and I got the same sense of good luck with this week's challenges from the doubly triumphant Shangela, who I know for a fact has dabbled in stand-up. But still, that postmodern pimp-ho was truly inspired. Relive the magic at Jezebel.

Other things: Clearly, Raja, Manila, and Shangela will be the final three. And oh my, watching poor Delta Work lip-synch for her life while clad in that sad hot-body T-shirt was no fun....