As many as 70,000 peaceful protesters converge on the state Capitol at a time, in one of our nation's most inspiring demonstrations of grassroots democracy in decades, and how does one Wisconsin government official describe it?

MADISON, Wis. — A Wisconsin agriculture official has described the Capitol protests as a "holocaust," saying new legislators got caught in a "horror story."

Ben Brancel is the secretary of the state Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. He spoke in Madison on Wednesday to the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation.

He told attendees that the new lawmakers came to town with a lot of ideas, "and then they got stuck in the middle of a holocaust." He was referring to demonstrators who have swarmed the Capitol to protest an anti-union bill.

Brancel later admitted to a reporter that "holocaust" was probably a "bad word," and that he should've said "total confusion." Which is an easy mistake to make considering that the sheer logistics of murdering six million Jews must've been nothing if not totally confusing.

Meanwhile, in an earlier post, I didn't advocate violence in response to the Wisconsin GOP's assault on the basic democratic rights of workers, or even suggest that violence would be anything but counterproductive. No, I merely guiltily admitted the very human reaction that witnessing a little violence might be a cathartic outlet for my anger. Which, according to the nuance-challenged peaceniks and lazy concern trolls in the comment thread, apparently makes me as bad as Hitler... or at the very least, just like the teabaggers.

Fucking tools.