Here's one outlook on how to split the check at a restaurant from a person called Neel at a thing called The Awl: If you're under 25, do the math and figure out what you owe (INCLUDING, importantly, tax and tip): if you're over 25, man or woman up and just divide the check evenly (UNLESS you really, truly only had one glass of wine and no food whatsoever, and yes, this does mean that those who order more and eat and drink with abandon win). I believe I agree with Neel.

Over here, also at The Awl, another person deploys some homosexual stereotypes on the same issue—excerpt:

But here is what happens, in my experience, and this is not a parody, when the gay men go out to eat, whether it's at a hotdog stand or it's two-star Michelin.

Gay: "Give me that check, it is my turn!"

Other Gay: "That is crazy talk, you paid three weeks ago at [name of other equally wonderful spot]! Please, please let me!"