DHAKA, Bangladesh — Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus filed an appeal Wednesday with Bangladesh's highest court in a final attempt to keep his job at the microfinance bank he founded.

Last week, Bangladesh's central bank ordered 71-year-old Yunus out of Grameen Bank, saying he was violating the country's retirement laws. A High Court upheld that decision on Tuesday.

An outspoken government critic, Yunus has said his dismissal is illegal and alleged that the government is trying to take control of his bank.

The brightest stars of the neoliberal moment are quickly fading. Soon that sky will be all black. And we will wonder how in the world the leading economist of that time believed puny instruments like microfinancing could solve global poverty. Wealth accumulation and actual development has always been and will always be about big projects, big institutions, and big institutional memories. Yunus, how brightly you once burned.