In Case You Missed It: The FBI arrested a suspect in Spokane's would-be MLK Day bombing, Mayor McGinn continued his quixotic quest to fix Seattle public schools, and the Wisconsin GOP has pushed through its union-busting bill.

50 Years: The prison sentence given to Martin Jones, the Washington man who shot a Washington State Trooper in the head.

25 Years to Life: The prison sentence given to Muzzammil Hassan, the New York TV executive who beheaded his wife.

Capital Punishment: Abolished in Illinois.

"30 Seconds of Pure Hell": Southeast U.S. briefly battered by heavy rain and high winds.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition: "The city of Seattle has agreed to pay nearly $1 million to compensate a family whose home was severely damaged during the manhunt for Maurice Clemmons," reports the Seattle Times.

No Child 82 Percent of Children Left Behind: Education Secretary warns the number of schools labeled as "failing" could skyrocket dramatically this year.

Prisoner Fumblefingers: A text message sent to the wrong number lands an Aberdeen teen in jail for selling Oxycontin.

Hamstercide: 19-year-old in Brooklyn arrested after killing brother's hamster.

Gather 'Round, Children, and Learn: How the human penis lost its spines.

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Finally, on this day in 1979, Gloria Gaynor hit #1 on the US singles chart with "I Will Survive." In this age of self-proclaimed gay anthems that sound like detergent commercials, it's nice to be reminded what an organic gay anthem sounds like. (Also, lady knows how to hold a microphone.)