Today, the Seattle Times reports on the referendum campaign to put the deep-bore tunnel up to a public vote:

"It's puzzling that the mayor keeps insisting it's a popular uprising," said Jon Scholes, vice president for advocacy and economic development with the Downtown Seattle Association.

"What we saw in Egypt was a popular uprising. This appears to be an inside job."

Of course, it's all part of an inside job. And tunnel referendum supporters are "not grassroots average citizens," according to a recent Seattle Times editorial. In other words: Even though the latest filings with the Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission show that lots more people have donated to Protect Seattle Now, which has only a 30-day window to qualify a tunnel referendum for the ballot, the effort for a public vote is not to be confused with democracy.

So who are the tunnel supporters, the self-proclaimed outsiders? The conglomerate of downtown businesses trying to stigmatize opponents, the huge daily newspaper trying to marginalize donors, the governor's office that's strong-armed the project, the state transportation department that lied to the city about contractors? Those are the real grassroots, the little guys... or something.

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