The waves arrive on our side...

CRESCENT CITY, Calif. (AP) - Waves are surging slightly along California's northern coast near the Oregon border from a tsunami triggered by the massive earthquake in Japan.

The tide began rising shortly after 7:30 a.m. along beaches in Crescent City, where the tsunami was expected to hit the hardest in California. Officials predicted that waves could reach as high as 7 feet.

Local officials have been activating tsunami warning sirens along the Del Norte and Humboldt county coasts throughout the morning and have urged residents in low-lying areas to seek higher ground.

People in Oregon and California are looking at the ocean. They want to see the big waves. Why? One of many possible reasons is to verify the current state of humanity—our globality. Much of our globality is seen from 30,000 feet or as mere bits of electronic information. But to learn on the internet about a tsunami that's happening in the very part of the world the word comes from, and then to see it physically on your side of the world—this might make globality more tangible, more present. The conclusion of cognitive mapping: "One world is enough for all of us."