Practically every day the KATU parking lot (across the street from our offices) is a veritable wonderland of weird stuff. Will it be the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile? Or an Outback Steakhouse cook off? WHO KNOWS?? Happily today was the perfect day for something to appear that would momentarily take my mind off the troubles of the world. Look everybody! PONIES!!!


Okay, fine… technically, they're not "ponies." They're "miniature horses" bred and raised by Deer Creek Farm in Sheridan, Oregon. I'm not sure why anyone would spend a lot of time genetically mutating a horse—they're certainly not going to be much help during the upcoming robot apocalypse. But who cares? THEY'RE ADORABLE!!

And... mmmmmmmmm... friendly....


Don't worry, I paid this horse for her services. With a carrot.
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