1. Pilot Books is hosting a group reading featuring a collection of authors from exciting small press Canarium Books at 2 today. Ish Klein will read from either her first book, Union!, or her upcoming second book, Moving Day, or some combination of the two. Robert Fernandez will read from either his first book, We Are Pharaoh, or his eventually upcoming second book, Pink Reef. Joshua Edwards "directs and co-edits Canarium Books," but his first book, Campeche, was not published by Canarium Books.

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2. Elliott Bay Book Company is hosting a group reading of small press authors tonight. Aaron Dietz has written a weird little book about superheroes titled Super. It's an experimental, literary look at superheroes that would no doubt outrage superhero traditionalists. It will probably charm anyone who used to spend a lot of time reading about men and women in tight outfits who like to hit each other with their fists. Grace Krilanovich is the author of a delightfully weird postapocalypse in the Northwest novel titled The Orange Eats Creeps, and Middleton is the local author of the weird debut novel An Dantomine Eerly. (I reviewed that book back when it debuted.) This is a fine collection of young authors on their way up. You should come see them do their thing.

3. Tomorrow, comedian and radio host Adam Carolla is signing his new book at University Book Store and reading from his new book at the Moore Theatre. You can read more about those events, and find more information about everything going on this weekend, in the readings calendar.