Today in Still REALLY Not the Right Tone


Araucanas are very, very rare so it's really unlikely that that's what she had. She might have had one from the somewhat more common Ameraucana, but most likely her egg came from a mongrelized chicken that's mostly Ameraucana. (I have one of those mongrels. They lay blue eggs.)
She shoulda just stuck to what she'd been doing all this time. Trying to mix in Japan stuff is so purely off topic for her. It's like if Fleshbot decided to serve its audience by posting "Our Thoughts are With Japan, and also, Samuel O'Toole's Boner is the Orbitz Gnome of Porn".
Meh, her tweets after the criticism of one follower *appear* more insensitive and sarcastic actually. I bet this is not what's intended. This woman's marketing is about food. It's what she does. Tana Butler seems to have excess time.
She's a foodie, for god's sake, she's sticking to posting about what she knows. Should she instead become an instant nuclear physicist and start posting every hour and a half about how the containment has really, really failed this time and there's a mushroom cloud over Japan and everyone should eat lots of food with vitamins because radiation replaces the iodine in your system, or is that the sole purview of the Stranger staff?
@4, Ah, you're quite the meta-asshole.
@5: Much like Ruth Reichl, I'm sticking to what I know during these trying times, and catching hell for it.
I'm eating a sandwich.
everything is fucking relative, and i'm already exhausted of hearing what's appropriate and what's not appropriate. we're all just living our lives, whatever that might entail.
How about some cream of mushroom cloud soup?
whats uh the big deal?
Well, when her magazine was going down in flames, she did the same thing.
Forgot to add: she sounds fat.

/my day is complete.
"Eating peanut butter (crunchy) off a spoon, drinking stale, microwaved-up coffee, opening mail that I just discovered in the laundry room."

Next painting project: updating my car's tired ten year old finish with this:…
Why are people telling this woman how to manage her own Twitter account? Who gives a flying fuck what she has to say about anything in the first place?
I should mention that the quality of eggs is affected only by the laying hens' diet and their living conditions, along with how fresh they are. The breed of bird has absolutely no bearing on this, so calling it an "Araucana egg" is pretentious in the extreme.
She's nearly as tone deaf as Goldy and his "disaster porn" posts.
@15 - No flavor difference?

Also, I'm in the "wait, what is the big deal?" group. I don't know this lady's back-story but there have been plenty of posts here in the last several days about news, politics and art not related to the catastrophe in Japan. As is to be expected.
The WASP desire for sensitivity and decorum tends to trump other, more important, concerns among the English-language media.

Quit looking for things to be offended about.
What's with the vitriol? These tweets are great. I have personally resolved to conclude all written communication with a brief summary of my current respiratory state and other select baseline signs. Shallow, intermittent breaths; heart rate 45 bpm.
Dear Matt from Denver: your comments are always insightful on a range of subjects, but I daresay you've topped yourself in this thread. Ameraucana?! Who knew?
I'm with @10, 14 and 17.

Who is she, and why should I care what she says or doesn't say about Japan? Short of some Beckism behaviour, I say we leave her to her tea and breathing. Seems like a fairly safe coping mechanism.
I believe that should have read either Becksist or Beckensian.
HA. The post-criticism tweets are AWESOME. Like the very worst hippy-hipster poetry. I only wish they were a joke.
@13: I think, if applied with a natural sponge or a bunched chamois and topped with white and black speckles flicked from an old toothbrush, it would be a good thing indeed.

Also, this.

That is the best car I've ever seen, rob!! (had to add that extra exclamation point, there...) My favourite part is where he says, "What's really required is enough lack of common sense to start a project like this..." that could be applied to so many ultimately worthwhile endeavors that seem off-putting at first glance (marriage, children, career changes)...hardly surprising that a font of wisdom comes from a Volvo driver!

...and the only thing stopping me from employing your excellent painting suggestions is the trauma of removing all of my beloved bumper stickers.
Can we beat her to death with an eggbeater?
Ruth Reichl's next tweet:

"In solidarity with the victims of the disaster in Japan, I enjoyed a spicy yellowtail roll with green onion, masago, spicy sauce and cucumber."
By clicking links in that original wikipedia entry, and then clicking links in the articles it lead me to, I have learned way more about chickens today than I ever wanted to know.
@28 -- Only if it's a beautifully balanced balloon whip of French spring steel with a hand-turned wooden handle and it usually resides in your hand-hammered seven-quart copper bowl. Then it would be okay.

@17 -- Araucana and Ameracauna eggs taste just like any other free-range chicken's eggs. But they're various soft colors -- beige, blue, green, pink, sometimes pale purple -- very pretty in a white earthenware pasta bowl set on the handwoven farm-check tablecloth you've thrown casually over the seventeenth century tavern table where you eat breakfast. (I've kept both Araucanas and Ameraucanas. Great urban fowl.)
@ 17, nope. All things being equal, breed doesn't affect the taste. Diet is so much more important there...

@ 21, thank you very much. I'm blushing over here...
Hearing about something that happened far away is not something which one needs to cope. You can empathize with the the victims of an event all you want, but as soon as you pretend that your knowledge of that event is somehow traumatizing you, it minimizes the suffering of the people actually involved.

It's like when every rural Republican took personal ownership of the pain and suffering of 9/11 even though they had never been to New York, would have hated most of the victims, and knew no one affected by it.

It's not a matter of taste or social nicety. Words have meaning so don't use them to pretend you have real problems when you don't.
@33 well. fucking. said.
So maybe it was too obvious a question for the first 34 commenters, but I'll bite: If it's rumpless, where does the egg come out??