You Can Get High On Nutmeg?


Let me turn you on to honey next ...

Just one taste ...
And, if you've ever drunk a glass of orange juice, you've taken alcohol.
I voted no. Not because it's a gateway drug, but because it's not 1992.
protip #1: if you are the last to learn about something, don't make a blog post announcing the news

protip #2 if you are going to spread this news it might be a good idea to mention the horrible low you hit shortly after the high so the other amateurs don't just run to their kitchen to try it without researching it.
Really! But watch for the common side effects of vomiting and diarrhea. Good times!
Gawd, don't let her find out what smoking banana peels can do - whoops, too late!

Me and my silly big mouth...
Did you know that cacao contains theobromine, which is also a stimulant and may possibly be the reason why chocolate can be "addictive?"
Every single person I know who has tried this reported that they felt a little high, when they weren't being delirious and throwing up violently to the point of heaving. They described it like being poisoned while having a panic attack. If you take nutmeg for getting high, you're ignorant or incredibly dim.
I went on a "legal drug" kick for a short time in college... morning glory seeds, nutmeg, etc. Nutmeg was absolutely one of the worst highs I've ever experienced- mostly because it was horrible to eat (think eating sand) and once it kicked in (6 hours later) I was fried for three days.
@8 is right on. Do you really think you're the first people in the world to do this? It's been going on forever. And nobody cares, because it's such a shitty high.
"I have eaten nutmeg! I have surely eaten well over 4-8 teaspoons in my life!"

they mean in one sitting, not your entire life. otherwise after just a few christmases we'd all be high.
This is still on the web, although the parent site is gone -- an essay by Lester Bangs ca. 1973 on the sad nutmeg addiction of Scrooge McDuck:…
From the autobiography of Malcom X, regarding his pre-conversion prison drug use: "Stirred into a glass of cold water, a penny matchbox full of nutmeg had the kick of three or four reefers."
Screw the shitty high, how can you handle the taste? Don't get me wrong, I love cooking with nutmeg but I tried to eat a chunk raw once and it tasted like soap.

FUN FACT: Nutmeg and Mace are different parts of the same fruit.
If by "high" you mean "extremely nauseous and semi-delirious", then you're right.

For more info, check out:
Psssst. You can also get high smoking banana leaves. Pass it on.
Just do the amount of drugs you like and don't worry about how it will affect your self-identification label! Jesus!
Sure you can eat/drink 4-8 teaspoons in one sitting, but the taste alone is horrible. Not worth it in my book. I'd rather hold my breath and spin around real fast. Much better high.
I thought you had to inhale/sniff it up like cocain.
Sex is a drug too.

At least - if you do it right.
I've tried nutmeg a handful of times. Here's what I can tell you. Don't eat the shit, make a tea! The tea, with some honey and lemon, is actually quite drinkable. I've also simmered it in milk and made an incredibly delicious chocolate milk or milkshake kind of concoction.

You want to start with fresh whole nutmeg, you can find these at your coop, grind it very fine and simmer for a while. Don't bother with the pre-ground stuff in the grocery store, it's totally useless to get you high. I've always eaten the grinds, which are much easier to deal with after making tea, but it's probably not necessary. Put several teaspoons in a cup or two of your liquid (water or milk) simmer for a while and drink it. If you do one of the "recipes" I mentioned at the top you can make it quite tasty.

As for effects, I've had mixed results ranging from nothing at all to being EXTREMELY stoned for 3 days. By stoned I don't just mean like smoking a little pot, I mean like being a useless idiot for 3 days. Don't do this if you have to go to work in the next few days. I've never gotten sick at all. I'm not a huge fan of being stupid for that long so I haven't done it in years. I hope this info helps.

Again, most important, don't bother with the pre-ground crap!
It's not that nutmeg gets you high so much as you get delirious like you have a fever and have not slept for days.
4-8 teaspoons is way too much. One teaspoon will have you quite spacey a few hours later. But, it's really not that fun. So, there's that.
Had to look up "straight-edge."