Behold, 14 lanes of cement:

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Yesterday, the Seattle Design Commission saw this, um, beautiful watercolor painting—a proposed suburban-scale freeway interchange for the deep-bore tunnel a few blocks from the historic district of Pioneer Square—and sent highway officials back to the drawing board. Katie Zemtseff at the Daily Journal of Commerce has the full report. It's behind a paywall over here.

The big issue was not just the size, but the overpasses reaching 25-feet that block views facing west. Don Vehige, an urban designer with GGLO, reportedly said, “We can talk about lipstick on the pig all we want but this is a gigantic change that fundamentally alters many of the assumptions that were built into this in the past.” Here's a pedestrian view:


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"Ron Paananen, administrator of the WSDOT project team, said it would have been nice if commissioners had approved the south portal design yesterday but hearing feedback is part of the design process," Zemtseff reports.

I've obtained the drawings presented by the Washington State Department of Transportation and posted them here (.pdf). If you want hard numbers on the project, my long-winded breakdown on how the deep-bore tunnel will make traffic worse is over here.

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