In Libya: Gadhafi laughs at rockets, which then pummel Tripoli.

In Gaza: "An Israeli attempt to hit Palestinian militants who had fired rockets at Israel went horribly wrong on Tuesday, with mortar shells killing three youths playing soccer and a 60-year-old grandfather leaving his house," reports the NYT.

"Unconstitutional": Republicans on Obama's use of military force in Libya.

RIP Actors: Hollywood's Elizabeth Taylor, Seattle's Mark Chamberlain. (The latter appeared in shows at Taproot and ACT, the former was the world's most beautiful woman who grew into the world's first celebrity AIDS activist.)

Move Over, SPD: Miami police have shot and killed seven men of color in the past eight months.

Stop Mocking the SPD!: Wives and families of Seattle police rally in support.

God Give Them the Serenity to Accept the Things They Cannot Change (Also, This Sucks): Capitol Hill Alano Club, a meeting spot for over 60 12-step programs, burglarized and burned.

Disabled Parking Scams: Seattle plans a crackdown. Meanwhile, a WA State Trooper has been busted for illegally parking in a handicapped space.

Another Day...: Another injured Spiderman cast member.

Finally, happy anniversary to Cher, who soared to the top of the pop charts on this day in 1974, with her fourth #1 hit, "Dark Lady." Here's footage of the lady performing the riotously vulgar song herself. Below is an even better cartoon version from The Sonny & Cher Show. (I can't honestly say it's superior, but this film is exactly as good as The King's Speech.)