Hey, watch your motherfather mouth, you stupid piece of shoe!
  • "Hey, watch your motherfather mouth, you stupid piece of shoe!"
I just got a press release, you guys—jealous!? It seems the Weinstein Company is just tickled to announce that they'll be releasing a PG-13 version of The King's Speech next Friday, April 1. Seeing as The King's Speech (originally rated R for "obscenity"—yessssss!!!) been certified as THE GREATEST ARTISTIC CREATION IN THE HISTORY OF LAST YEAR, obviously there are some extra dollars to be wrung out of its Britishy corpse. Specifically, your child's dollars:

The Weinstein Company (TWC) announced today that THE KING’S SPEECH PG-13, the family-friendly version of its Academy Award-winning historical drama about King George VI, will open on 1,000 screens nationwide on April 1, and will be the only version available in theatres.

The announcement was made by TWC's President of Theatrical Distribution and Home Entertainment Eric Lomis. Said Lomis, "We are thankful to the MPAA for their wisdom and swift action in approving the release of THE KING'S SPEECH PG-13 release. The action enables those to whom it speaks most directly - young people who are troubled by stuttering, bullying and similar trials—to see it."

The Guardian reported in January that, along with the re-edit, Weinstein was also considering re-branding The King's Speech as a heartwarming tale about best fwiends:

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Weinstein, who shepherded Shakespeare in Love to Oscars success in 1998, also plans to refocus attention on the friendship between the king and his speech therapist, Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush). New adverts for the film will tout its nominations, and carry the tagline: "Some things never go out of style: Friendship; Courage; Loyalty." The previous line was "It takes leadership to confront a nation's fear. It takes friendship to conquer your own."

"The message more was about the critics, but now we're trying to get across that this classic movie is just as cool as the other movies people are seeing," said Weinstein.

Baaaahahahahaahahaahahaaahahahahaahahahahaa. Whatever you say, Milhouse.

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