Of course, Republican state Attorney General (and presumed gubernatorial nominee) Rob McKenna is a different kind of Republican. A moderate, pragmatic, bring-all-sides-to-the-table kinda Republican who would never embrace his party's most wing-nut extreme in pursuit of his own political ambitions.

Which I suppose explains why McKenna will be the keynote speaker at an upcoming "Tax Day Tea Party":

On Friday, April 15th at 11:00 am, fiscally conservative activists will gather peacefully at the Bellevue City Hall lawn to support Attorney General Rob McKenna's fight for free enterprise, public safety, and innovation. Rob will be our Keynote Speaker along with 8-10 other Speakers.

Shocking turns of events have forced countless hard-working Americans to lose their jobs and homes. They watch helplessly as special interest groups hold America hostage in narrow and self-dealing promotions.

And when teabaggers rage against "special interest groups hold[ing] America hostage," who are they talking about? I'll give you a hint: part of the day's program includes a "special salute" to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. But don't you worry. Even though McKenna is caught on video calling the unionization of public employees "dangerous," and even though he's clearly chosen to embrace the virulently anti-union/Walker-loving Tea Party, he'd never do anything to undo collective bargaining rights. And we know that, because that's what he told a Seattle Times reporter in his effort reassure his paramours in the press that he's a different kind of Republican.