My New Favorite Blog


Do you have a new favorite blog every other day? It sure seems that way.
5280, I'd say that's the maximum staying power of most of these gimmick blogs anyway.
i wish my high school boyfriend HAD been gay...
If I'd had a high school boyfriend, he WOULD have been gay, 'cause I'm a guy.
@4 - Unless he was just pretending to be gay to fit in.

What's the opposite of a beard?
@5: Muttonchops?
What a hoot!
OMG! For a minute I thought that was ME!
Very cute, but I hope everyone whose picture was posted wants to be on there.
I love how in the first picture, it's pretty clear the guy on the other side of her is gay, too -- you only see a sliver of him, but that sliver is 100% high school homo.
But isn't the website making fun of people who look gay, too?

Is that nice?
And wow, what a smoking-hot hottie in the top picture. I hope she's not gay.

Cuz, you know, I'm totally gonna tap that.

If I, like, ever meet her.
this is just more proof that every fag needs his hag. and i'm more than proud to be that woman.
@12, get in line, get in line. Because I could, like, meet her first.
From a keeping-my-pic-of-teh-intertubes perspective, I'm so glad there isn't a girlfriend equivalent of this (yet).
I was one of those girls. Three times over. I had good taste!
@10. I couldn't figure out how you could possibly come to that conclusion so I went back and looked again. And, I'll be damned....
My high school boyfriend was gay! He had mannerisms but he was really into me when we were together. We didn't bang though, I wouldn't have been ready for that. We just made out all the time and went to the winter semiformal together. He didn't come out until like 3 years later. He was a nice guy though :)
@16 I've never dated a gay man, but in high school, I always got crushes on gay guys. I guess they were just wise enough to avoid me.
Ahhh. Sometimes I'm glad I'm old enough that there isn't a single pic of me online from my high school days.
Ah, the advantages of being so ugly that nobody ever wanted to take my picture!
@17, and I'll bet that tragically forlorn half-eye on the other side is his girlfriend...
This blog scares me because I can just see my pic showing up there someday, my bf says the same.
Irena, I think you're right!
Love it!
This reminds me of a very funny story.

One of my best friends since High School was closeted until well after college. I was the only straight person who knew he was gay for a good 8 years.

When we were in college together, my mom suggested that the two of us would end up married. In the same breath she made the same prediction about Ellen DeGeneres and Arye Gross' characters in Ellen which was in its second season at the time.

Her theory being that a man and woman who are besties in college would almost certainly marry at some point.
And your story reminds me of one of my own. When Meredith Baxter and David Birney were starring on Bridget Loves Bernie together, my grandmother was convinced there was something going on between them that was more than acting.

They ended up marrying, but of course they also ended up divorcing and she came out as a lesbian, so I'm honestly not sure if my grandmother was right or not.
It's not me in the picture, but I have a scan of the pic of my ex husband on his prom night with his HS girlfriend. He left me for a woman, but has had many affairs with guys, and will probably be cheating on her with dudes too. I guess it would be bad to send it in, right? It's wrong, right? Stop me...fingers aching to hit Send....
@11 I know what you mean. I read the description on the right and it implies that the bf didn't have to be gay just look gay or act gay. I thought inclusion meant we didn't judge people by outward appearance or mannerisms.