Robert Yoder, Glass House
  • Robert Yoder, Glass House
Violet Strays—or violet strays, but who can keep up with the capitalization habits of creative people—put up its first show today. The show is called Morphine, and the way you look at it is simply by going to a web site and scrolling down the page.

Violet Strays is not just a web site gallery, it's "a curatorial project" of Serrah Russell and Alyssa Volpigno "featuring artists and thinkers in all[ing] to emphasize temporality while forging connections between artists and the internet."

Lucas Blalock, Figure with Blanket (Arms Raised)
  • Lucas Blalock, Figure with Blanket (Arms Raised)
I don't know what this means exactly (we'll see more as time goes by), and I don't know why pictures of the Czech flag flying, a groovy table with abalone shells, and a bent and then non-bent bike rack (listed as "Plans for a sculpture" and "Alternate plans for a sculpture") are included along with collages, paintings, drawings by Seattle artists Robert Yoder, Ryan Horvath, and Lucas Blalock—but I like it. I like the wryness and the smartness; it feels like an old Crawl Space opening. I like trying to figure out why the curators put the images in the order they're in. I like that I can zoom. (That muddy oil painting's surface!) And I like the inspiring poetical words at the top of the page by Jessica Powers (jessica powers).

Morphine is up through April 7. Visit each week to see a new artist.

And speaking of Yoder, don't forget the opening at his home gallery, Season, this Sunday from 2 to 5, of Sweet Love Falling Like A Pale Blue Light—sculptures and drawings by Dawn Cerny and collages by Adam Marnie.